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The breathtaking power of nature

Norway is a country extremely rich in magnificent, truly breathtaking, natural beauty. Its fjords are undoubtedly the main attraction and real symbol of the country. These deep coastal inlets, formed as the result of glacier melting during the Ice Age, number no fewer than a thousand and they are the most characteristic features of the country’s coastline.
On an MSC Norway cruise, you can enjoy discovering the fjords and a host of other natural delights. Norway, a country that extends almost as far as the North Pole, also provides visitors with the opportunity of admiring a truly extraordinary natural event. We are referring, of course, to the Northern Lights, the play of lights in the night sky that, for centuries, has inspired poetry, art, science and mythology.
In the summer time, visitors can also experience the Midnight Sun, or long days of continuous light during which the sun never sets.
Finally, in addition to the endless excursion opportunities to discover mountains, waterfalls and glaciers, the cities of Norway also have a magnificent architectural heritage, both modern and ancient, which adds up to a truly unique architectural style.
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