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Cruise Confidently with TuGo® Travel Insurance

Set sail knowing you and your family are covered with comprehensive travel insurance. 


Why you need Insurance for Cruise Travel*

Whether you're a frequent cruiser or an annual adventurer, accidents and medical emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere.

And while many Canadians believe that their provincial health care covers all their travel medical expenses, in many cases, these plans may actually cover less than 10% of the total cost! Plus, what they do cover, they won't pay up front. Without sufficient protection, medical expenses can add up quickly. 

That's where TuGo can help. With the right coverage, you'll be protected when and where you need it most!


Choose the comprehensive travel insurance that fits your needs

Emergency Medical Insurance
Single Trip and Multi Trip Annual plan options are available for travelling:
Worldwide excluding the USA
Within Canada

All inclusive Holiday Package
Non-Medical Insurance Package

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