Exclusive Martha Stewart & MSC Cruises Excursions

Martha Stewart Discovers Hidden Gems with MSC Cruises

Each Caribbean island has a unique story to tell and the best way to tell it is through the eyes of a local.

In an exclusive partnership with MSC Cruises, Martha Stewart’s new excursions go a step above the ordinary, taking you on an authentic journey of the islands to discover their hidden gems. Here, adventurous explorers will learn from experts how each island’s rich local history, geography and traditions inspire their cuisine, art and landmarks.

Whether participating in a hands-on cooking class, tasting authentic dishes in a local restaurant, discovering waterfalls and secluded coves, or exploring botanic gardens and organic farms, you won’t want to miss these true-to-life specialty excursions that reveal, in Martha Stewart fashion, the real flavors of the islands.

Martha Stewart Discovers Hidden Gems with MSC Cruises

Experience the Caribbean like never before!