Explore Jeddah on your Cruise to Saudi Arabia and the Red Sea

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Beautiful views, UNESCO Heritage sites and  art capital of Saudi Arabia

Homeporting in this bustling metropole, guests will have their pick of sites to visit, from the famed floating Al Rahma Mosque, which is built directly over the water, to the New Jeddah Corniche, offering a waterfront boardwalk and beautiful seaviews, where guests may even catch the sunset. For architecture buffs, King Fahad’s Fountain is the tallest of its kind and the under-construction Jeddah Tower (previously known as the Kingdom Tower) is set to become the world’s first 1-kilometre-high building.

Al Balad the old town of Jeddah dates back to the 7th century, boasts beautiful buildings and an ancient souk which are a must see. It is also one of the UNESCO Heritage sites, which Saudi Arabia has to offer.

A port city with a long and storied history, Jeddah is one of the largest cities in the Gulf Cooperation Council. Throughout its history, it has been the first stop for many pilgrims entering Makkah, which has led to it becoming the most diverse city in the country.


In recent years it has become the art capital of Saudi Arabia, while also offering some of the best coastal experiences in the country. It’s old town, “Al Balad”, is also one of the best examples of traditional city living within the country. Jeddah’s people come are very easy going and welcoming.