Isla de Roatán Cruise

Isla de Roatán Cruise

An island to return to

The biggest sea-related tourist attraction of Honduras are the Islas de la Bahía, an archipelago composed of three main islands and over sixty surrounding minor islands.

During your MSC cruise to the Caribbean, Cuba and Antilles, you will dock at Roatán, the biggest as well as the most developed of the islands.

With a low mountain chain crossing it from end to end, Roatán, like the other islands in the bay, has deep coves protected by coral reefs along the coast facing Honduras, which have proved a safe landing place for ships through the centuries. Its main settlement, Coxen Hole or Roatán Town, took its name from the pirate John Coxon, who seems to have anchored his ship here at the end of the 15th century. Now the times of the pirates are past; however, if you disembark here, you will be able to visit a modern reconstruction of an old galleon at Dixon Cove.

Many other more modern relics dot the coast of Roatán. Some have even become preferred diving sites for scuba divers of all experience levels. By participating in an MSC Cruises excursion, you will be able to visit the western tip of the island where you will pass a pleasant day shopping.  Disembarking from your MSC cruise ship will allow you to explore every corner of Roatán in complete safety. About midway along the island, which is 60 km long, there is a bend in the coast, which protects Parrot Tree Beach and its tourist facilities.

Just a short distance from the open ocean, you will be able to pass a serene day swimming in a lagoon with a sandy bottom, pampered by the services of one of the island’s most beautiful and exclusive resorts. Roatán also has a golf course and several adventure parks where you can have fun with your family darting from tree to tree across suspension bridges and zip lines. 

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