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The Cultural and Scientific Capital of the USA

If there is any American city where you can breathe some “European air”, it is Boston: a large city built for people, thanks to its center area that can be easily visited on foot or by public transport.

Your MSC cruise will take you on the discovery of the capital of Massachusetts offering many opportunities to relive its history, immerse yourself in its arts, visit its museums and taste the flavors of one of America's most famous breweries.
What makes Boston different is the unique way that it combines attention to the past with an ambitious enthusiasm for modernity. Walking through the city, it is not unusual to find a historical house from the times of the American Revolution placed next to a futuristic skyscraper, a truly fascinating mixture.
A walk along the famous Freedom Trail is one of the best ways to breathe in the atmosphere of Boston and absorb the spirit of a city rich in historical monuments.
An absolute must to visit is the area of Cambridge, the cradle of the greatest minds in the country, home to MIT and Harvard, two of the most important universities in the world where both prominent figures and US presidents have studied.
When it comes to Boston, there are not only things to see, but also delights to be savored. If you like gourmet food, take a trip to QuincyMarket: this lively market is a great place to buy fast food and be surprised by eccentric street artists.
Do you want to swim, hike, explore the ruins of an ancient fort and camp under the stars in a national park? You can do all of this in Boston on your MSC cruise. The Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area consists of 34 narrow islands scattered around the historic New England harbor where you can visit “hidden pearls” by boarding one of the seasonal ferries that sail from Boston Long Wharf.

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