Saint John (Canada) cruise

arch bridge, Reversing Falls, Confederation Bridge, Bay of Fundy
A One-of-a-Kind Natural Microcosm

Wild landscapes, valleys dotted with farms, fishing villages, parks and islands all along the coast: all of this and more awaits you in New Brunswick, a beautiful maritime province in French Canada.

Your MSC cruise will take you on the discovery of a natural land filled with a thousand secrets, surprising you with its magnificent coastline, mountains, forests and rivers, as well as the variety of wild animals that live there including bears, whales, moose and seals.
This region is home to one of the oldest cities in Canada overlooking the beautiful Bay of Fundy: Saint John. There is no other place in the Maritimes with the same urban charm of a historic city balanced with the grandiose, natural charm of a bay famous for its impressive tides.
On your MSC cruise, you will have a chance to discover this port city with its delightful Victorian architecture and steep historical streets, watch the ships dock at the port and admire the restaurants and shops near historic sites such as the New Brunswick Museum, home to the Hall of Great Whales and three floors of fascinating galleries. Saint John City Market is also not to be missed as it is the oldest agricultural market in North America: its beams are reminiscent of a ship's inverted hull offering a unique shopping experience.
In Saint John, there is a natural microcosm that awaits you, especially in the Bay of Fundy where you can observe a truly unique phenomenon: the highest and most powerful tides in the world that can reach up to 16 m high. The surrounding landscape has been sculpted by billions of tons of water pouring in and out of the bay twice daily. The Bay of Fundy is also home to Hopewell Rocks Park, a group of rock formations that dot the water like islands during high tide and seem to be towers during low tide.

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