Yanbu al Bahr

Discover "the spring by the sea" on your Middle East cruise to Saudi Arabia

Yanbu al Bahr, Saudi Arabia | MSC Cruises
Pristine white sandy shores, private beaches and amazing dive sites

In Yanbu al Bahr you find the open desert touching the blue waters. Old Yanbu dates back 2500 years and offers one of the oldest souks, where traders used to come from places as far as Africa to sell their goods.

Divided into three administrations, Yanbu is one of the premiere beach destinations in Saudi Arabia. In the east there is Yanbu AlNakhl, founded more than two thousand years ago and dotted with villages.

In the south there is Yanbu AlSinaiyah, the industrial and governmental center of the region. Lastly there is Yanbu AlBahr, where the majority of the coastal activities are available. This is the starting point of many diving adventures, where visitors can enjoy the rich coral and sea life off of the coast.


Famous for their musical exploits, the people of Yanbu are local experts of the Takht and Sesameh instruments.

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