Ferrol Cruise

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A warm heart

An MSC cruise of Northern Europe that lays anchor in Ferrol will introduce you to a town of ancient fishing tradition, fish that you can taste if you visit the Ferrol Viejo (the old town), where you can admire the old defence walls, built in the 18th century, or the modernist style of the Magdalena quarter, or the castles of San Felipe and of Palma.

Only 50 km from Ferrol, an excursion will take you instead to the discovery of La Coruña, one of the pearls of the Galicia and of the MSC cruise to Spain. The peninsula on which the Ciudad Vieja (the old town) stands, features the Tower of Hercules: the real emblem of the town and only lighthouse built by the Romans, and still operating, at the beginning of the 2nd century under Emperor Trajan.
Around it is an interesting Romanesque body of roads, squares and medieval churches. Worth a visit are the church of Santiago, the oldest in town, built in the 12th century; Santa María del Campo, which was completed in the 13th century by the Seamen’s Guild, that hosts an attractive museum of sacred art; also fascinating is the baroque part, with the churches of the Capuchins, of St. San Nicolás and of San Jorge of the 18th century.
In La Coruña, you can enjoy a visit to the Aquarium Finisterrae, one of the most important aquariums in Spain, the Domus and the Science Museum. And if you’re looking for beaches, don’t miss the two largest: Riazor and Orzán. Another MSC excursion will take you to Santiago de Compostela, the Galician capital and one of the important centres of Christianity, that every year is the destination of thousands of devotees ending their long pilgrimage here since the 11th century.
A UNESCO World Heritage site, this city has a countless number of fascinating features, starting from its incredible cathedral. Another interesting site is Betanzos, between the Mandeo river and its tributary, the Mendo.

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