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At the very top of Norway, in fairy tale Finnmark county, lies Alta — a town celebrated for its midnight sun, intriguing ice hotel, northern lights cathedral, Sámi traditions, and spectacular aurora borealis. It’s a landscape marked with majestic fjords, snow-capped mountains, and a charming array of colourful houses.
An MSC Northern Europe Cruises destination, Alta is located over 230 miles north of the Arctic Circle and promises an experience unlike any other. Here, you can use the town as an adventure gateway or immerse yourself in its distinct Norse culture.

Select an unforgettable tour from a list of MSC Cruises excursions including:

• Huskies and History
• Altafjord 
• Tirpitz War Museum 

For history buffs, Alta offers an unbeatable chance to further explore Norway’s Stone Age past. At the UNESCO-listed Rock Art Centre, discover innumerable petroglyphs dating back thousands of years, showcasing scenes of prehistoric life. Alternatively, ride across the pristine wilderness during a Husky dogsledding trip. Learn how these incredible creatures are essential to Alta’s culture before taking your photograph with them.

For a day out on the water, nothing beats magnificent Altafjord. Stretching from the town to the islands of Stjernøya and Seiland, this vast mountainous inlet is 24 miles long. Altafjord is home to some of the world’s most coveted marine life including humpback and killer whales. For birdwatchers, the region offers a wealth of species including puffins, auks, razorbills, and sea eagles.

Further afield, in the village of Kåfjord, the Tirpitz Museum boasts one of the largest collections of artifacts and photographs from a Bismarck-class battleship, used during the Second World War. Learn about the codeword for the Secret Intelligence Service and how nearby Altafjord was a marine base for the Germans.

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