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Cruising to a land rich with history and stunning islands

Greece, the birthplace of philosophy, the Olympic Games and Western literature, offers an incomparable insight into ancient history and cultural heritage. No exploration of the Mediterranean is truly complete without MSC Greek Island Cruises, which journey through some of the most breath-taking landscapes this part of the world has on display.
Athens, the capital of Greece, has been inhabited for over 3,000 years. Discover more about these ancient roots at archaeological sites such as the Parthenon temple, a symbol of the city and of Greece. Located at the top of the Acropolis, it’s one of the most important cultural monuments in the world.
But beyond the borders of the ancient city are the Greek islands that can only be properly seen on one of our Greek Islands cruises. One-fifth of Greece’s territory is made up of more than 3000 islands, famed the world over for their fantastic variety of beaches. Ranging from extensive white sand beaches to tiny bays surrounded by steep, ocean carved cliffs, there’s a hidden cove for every visitor.
Sail with us on the MSC Greece and Greek Islands Cruise 2024 - 2025 season and you will discover magnificent places such as Mykonos, an eye-catching, white-and-blue stone city offering a fantastic nightlife, or Rhodes, with its old town centre where you can sample delicious Greek yoghurt, served with fresh honey and walnuts.
Throughout the year, there is also a host of cultural and folkloric events that are not to be missed. For visitors, these are an opportunity to enjoy the typical music and dancing, all making for an unforgettable holiday with MSC Greece cruises.
Book an MSC Mediterranean voyage that includes Greek Islands cruises today, and you’ll experience Greece, its islands, and a truly memorable holiday.