Kingstown Cruise

Kingstown Cruise
A Hidden Paradise in the Caribbean

Saint Vincent & The Grenadines is an elegant succession of tropical colours: from turquoise waters to green shores adorned with palm trees; from white beaches to rainbow-coloured coral reefs.

A hidden gem of the Caribbean, your MSC Caribbean, Cuba & Antilles cruise will help you discover it. It starts in Kingstown, capital of the archipelago, where in the fish market, rum shops and colonial stone buildings, you will find an atmosphere typical of the West Indies.
The city boasts some beautiful churches, such as Saint Mary's Cathedral, dating back to the 1820s and famous for its Romantic-style arches, Gothic spires and Moorish decorations. Continuing your MSC Cruises tour of the Caribbean town, you can visit historic attractions such as the Law Courts, the houses of Parliament and the Carnegie Building, the old library, now a national heritage. Kingstown is dominated by Fort Charlotte, built in the 19th century to defend the city and from where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the surrounding islands.
The Botanical Gardens on the hills just outside the capital are just as impressive. These beautiful gardens are home to a wide variety of tropical and medicinal plants, as well as numerous bird species, such as the rare St Vincent Parrot, symbol of this tiny nation. Your holiday with MSC Cruises will take you to a lush habitat with luxuriant landscapes and a relaxing way of life that can only be found in the Caribbean.
You can go trekking on the La Soufrière volcano, kayaking, diving in an underwater world full of wonderful creatures, explore the bays and amazing caves, or take romantic nature walks amidst forests and waterfalls.

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