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Nature’s wild charm

The cruise ships navigating Bermuda dock at Royal Naval Dockyard, the original pier of the Royal Navy Dockyards. It is located in Sandys Parish, on the western tip of Bermuda, and is the largest port of the archipelago.

Travellers docking here with an MSC cruise to the Caribbean will have their every need met by the modern tourist complex, which includes a shopping mall; museums such as the National Museum of Bermuda; historical buildings dating back to the 19th century, when the British Navy was active in the area; restaurants, pubs and bars; and artisan shops, where it is possible to purchase as well as observe the making of glass and Bermuda juniper objects. Infrastructure and services for practicing the most varied of athletic and recreational activities are also available.
Both over land and over sea, it is possible to reach the cities of Hamilton and St. George, part of UNESCO heritage and the first capital of Bermuda. On King's Square, in the centre of St. George, you will be able to admire the Town Hall, which stands before instruments of public punishment used during British rule: the stocks and the pillory. A short distance away, the sinister Ducking Stool, a stool at the top of a pole to which petty thieves and gossips where tied and then dipped into the sea.
North of the city, the Unfinished Church, reminiscent of the skeleton of a Gothic cathedral, is worth a visit. From here, it is possible to go onto mini-cruises that will take you snorkelling to the coral reefs farther out or to see many submerged relics. In addition, you can water ski, ride a water scooter, windsurf and sail. You can even go on a bicycle excursion or play on an 18-hole mini-golf course. Make sure to visit Cooper's Island, not far from the lighthouse of St. David Island. An area of wild charm, it was opened to the public in 1995, when the US Navy left the island.

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