We've created an array of great-value 
drink packages and stateroom treatments to offer you the choice of refreshment that most appeals to you, from soft drinks to fine wines, premium beers and much more!

Our all-inclusive cruise options and rich drink packages give you carte blanche to quench your thirst whenever you like and can be combined with a huge selection of cruise holidays.

Book now online your Beverage Packages and get up to 40% discount vs onboard price.
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Log in to your personal area and select your preferred Beverage Package marked as a "Limited Time Offer". The prices shown are already discounted.

Please be advised that in respect to the Saudi Law, alcohol will not be served during the Calls in Saudi Arabian ports.
Alcohol will be available to our guests when the ships sails in international Waters. 

To find out which All-Inclusive Beverage packages apply to your cruise, please login your personal area.
Please note that All-Inclusive Beverage packages for Summer 2023 up to Summer 2024 cruises are detailed here below. Consult our FAQ for the summer 2023 start date on each ship.

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Our Beverage packages are now available with up to

40% discount online vs onboard price*!

Enjoy your summer or winter cruise

with our wide selection of drink options at the best price.

*prices shown in personal area are already discounted


All-Inclusive Beverage packages for Summer 2023 up to Summer 2024

Consult the table here below for the summer 2023 start date on each ship.


 Ship 1st cruise - Summer 2023 
 MSC Armonia  01/04/2023
 MSC Sinfonia  09/04/2023
 MSC Meraviglia  09/04/2023
 MSC Seashore  11/04/2023
 MSC World Europa  12/04/2023
 MSC Grandiosa  16/04/2023
 MSC Fantasia  16/04/2023
 MSC Seaside  19/04/2023
 MSC Seaview  17/04/2023
 MSC Lirica  18/04/2023
 MSC Musica  23/04/2023
 MSC Virtuosa  21/04/2023
 MSC Bellissima  29/04/2023
 MSC Splendida  30/04/2023
MSC Seascape  30/04/2023
 MSC Magnifica  01/05/2023
 MSC Poesia  03/05/2023
 MSC Opera  07/05/2023
 MSC Preziosa  07/05/2023
 MSC Orchestra  15/05/2023
 MSC Divina  03/06/2023
 MSC Euribia  10/06/2023

Are beverage packages available on all sailings, fleetwide?

Yes, drink packages are available on all MSC Cruises ships, excluding ships sailing in South Africa and China.

Do the drinks included in drinks packages vary depending on the ships, destinations or seasons? 

Yes, the brand of the products varies depending on destination and season.

Which packages are available for my cruise? 

The following packages are available:
• Easy Package
• Easy Plus Package
• Premium Extra Package
• Alcohol-Free Package
• Minors Package

Packages must be booked by all guests occupying the same cabin, traveling together and wishing to dine at the same table.
To check which drink package you can add to your cruise, log into My MSC Area.


Are gratuities included in the drinks package cost?

Yes. All MSC Cruises' pre-paid and post-paid drink packages include gratuities.

Can drinks packages be used on Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve?

Yes, all drinks packages can be consumed on Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve and on Sir Bani Yas in Emirates. The islands beverage may not include the full onboard beverage selection.

Will you serve alcohol on cruises calling on Saudi Arabian ports?

Please be advised that in respect to the Saudi Law, alcohol will not be served during the Calls in Saudi Arabian ports. Alcohol will be available to our guests when the ship sails in International Waters.

Which packages can be used in Specialty Restaurants?

All packages can be used in Buffet Restaurants, main Restaurants and Bars. But only the following ones can also be used in the Specialty Restaurants:

• Easy Plus Package
• Premium Extra Package

Minors package can be consumed in specialty restaurants too if the minor’s family/group purchased the Easy Plus or Premium Extra packages.

If an adult purchases a drinks package are guests required to do the same thing as well?

Yes, the Minors Package must be purchased for all guests travelling with adults who purchase a beverage package. Applicable for minors aged 3-17 on European itineraries and 3-12 on North American and Caribbean itineraries (Alcohol-free package available for minors 13-20 years old).

Can I upgrade my drink package?

Yes, this option is available to all our guests. In pre-cruise sales, the upgrades are available only for the guests with the package included in their cruise promotion, furthermore at discounted price. On board, all upgrade options are open for all guests at full price.

I booked a Grand Voyages cruise or an MSC World Cruise. Is there any drinks package included? 

- MSC Grand Voyages

On Grand Voyages cruises the packages are not included per default but may vary according to your travel agency offer/promotion.

- MSC World Cruise

On MSC World Cruise the Dine & Drinks package is included. It includes: house wines, draught beer, soft drinks and mineral water that can be consumed during lunch and dinner in our main restaurants and in the buffet.

Can I purchase a drink package before my cruise?

Yes, all drink packages can be purchased before the cruise by benefiting of an up to 15% discount vs onboard prices.