March 2022


Did you know that our ships can create clean freshwater from the sea?


Through a desalination process, our onboard treatment systems remove the salt and other impurities. This allows a constant daily supply of thousands of litres of clean water for drinking, preparing food, for laundry, the swimming pools, toilets and showers.


Once the water has been used, it is collected and cleaned. Our newest ships, including all Meraviglia class, have an advanced wastewater treatment system. This can clean wastewater to almost tap water standard, before it is then returned to the sea.


Other onboard water that receives onboard treatment is the seawater used for ballast, to keep the ship stable and balanced throughout its journey. Using seawater could allow small invertebrates, larvae or other microorganisms to be transported from one location to another, potentially threatening local ecosystems. To reduce this risk, all our ships are fitted with ballast treatment systems, including water filtration and UV light, which treats the ballast water before it is returned to the sea.


We also need to be careful with the discharge of water used in operational processes, as it may be contaminated with oil. This could be treated onboard, but our strict policy means that we collect all oily water, store it and then take it ashore for treatment, so none is discharged into the sea.


We are continuously pushing the boundaries of what’s technically possible at sea. The complex systems and strict policies ensure that our impact on the oceans is minimal.


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