getting to ZERO - our journey to an EMISSIONs free FUTURE

January 2022

Everyone is increasingly aware of the growing need for climate action. And for the shipping industry, the key expectation is clear: we need to decarbonize.

MSC Cruises’ plan is ambitious, aiming to eliminate emissions by 2050.  With a continued focus on designing and building more efficient ships as well as improving the way we operate our existing fleet to maximize performance we are confident we will meet this target.

We have also invested in liquified natural gas (LNG) - powered ships with the first to set sail in November 2022, MSC World Europa. The LNG we will initially use will be still a carbon based fossil fuel, but it is substantially cleaner and more efficient than existing marine fuels and will reduce Greenhouse gases emissions by up to 20% and virtually eliminate local air pollutants. We see the use of fossil based LNG as transitional fuel, until a time that fossil free LNG or other fuels such green hydrogen, i.e. not originating from fossil fuels, become available.

Such an ambitious task could never be carried out without the support and expertise of manufacturers and energy system providers, ships yards and other experts and future thinkers, working together to develop the solutions we need.

This energy transition is a complex but necessary one for governments, businesses and society. We must – and will -  work together and collaborate to find solutions for a cleaner future.