MSC Virtuosa will be equipped with cutting-edge technology to minimise her environmental footprint

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This year we will welcome two new ships, MSC Virtuosa and MSC Seashore, to our already strong fleet. MSC Virtuosa, due to begin her inaugural season this summer, will be one of our most high-tech ships and will be equipped with cutting-edge technology to minimize her environmental footprint.  


“Every new ship that joins our fleet incorporates solutions to minimize our environmental footprint. MSC Virtuosa and MSC Seashore will be no exception. MSC Cruises continues to advance on its journey towards environmental leadership.”

Linden Coppell, MSC Cruises’ Sustainability Director

Reducing emissions


MSC Virtuosa will be the second ship in our fleet with advanced technologies helping to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by around 90 per cent!  
She will be equipped with shore-to-ship power connectivity, which means that while in port she can connect to local power grids, allowing onboard energy production to be kept at an absolute minimum. This is another way to guarantee a reduction in emissions, especially when docked close to towns and cities.


Clean, safe air


Complying with our strict Health & Safety protocol, the new next-generation air sanitation system is based on UV-C light technology and kills viruses and bacteria while still providing 100% fresh, external air to all cabins and public spaces, with no recirculation.


She has also received 11 Golden Pearls from Bureau Veritas for her range of innovative aspects including environmental protection and health and safety. MSC Virtuosa is in fact the first cruise ship in the world to receive a BIORISK notation from Bureau Veritas in recognition of her ability to mitigate and manage infectious disease risk for passengers. 


Wastewater & Protecting Marine Life


MSC Virtuosa will also be equipped with a next-generation wastewater treatment technology. The end-product is of such a high standard that it will be superior to most land-based wastewater treatment standards around the world! 


The hull and engine room are designed to minimize the acoustic impact and so reducing the potential effects on marine life in the surrounding waters.