an interview with marco cimbaro
cruise director on msc grandiosa

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We've gone onboard MSC Grandiosa to interview the Cruise Director, Marco Cimbaro, and find out exactly what to expect when booking an MSC Cruise in these times. 


We all know that there are certain measures in place due to the ongoing pandemic, what makes a cruise onboard MSC Grandiosa nevertheless extraordinary?


The entertainment programme on board of the MSC Grandiosa continues to offer a variety of activities and fun to all guests. Due to the ongoing pandemic we had to change our way to entertain the guests, all the activities are modified and adapted to new health and safety protocol.

On board MSC Grandiosa the guests can find fantastic live theatre shows, quizzes and all activities with zero contact plus a great variety of live music in all the lounges.



What protocol has MSC put in place to ensure the safety of guests onboard, while guaranteeing their cruise experience remains to the high MSC standards, particularly in terms of entertainment onboard?


The protocol implemented by MSC is very scrupulous to ensure the complete safety of guests while maintaining our high standard of entertainment.


The protocol has been implemented by reducing the capacity of guests in the theatre with special signs and repeating the shows for two evenings. In order to respect the protocols we have introduced more 'activities' at the same time in different venues to avoid overcrowding, giving the guests the chance to choose their preferred one. We remind guests the importance of using masks and of respecting social distancing rules, and we disinfect all materials used after every activity.



Can a cruise still be fun and safe at the same time? 


Cruising with MSC can certainly be considered very safe with measures adopted such as the swab test (mandatory before boarding and again during the cruise) for all guests and the daily temperature check.


The concept of entertainment has somewhat changed, but a cruise with MSC can still be fun thanks to the many activities planned during the day.  Dance lessons, aerobic activities, cultural trivia, conferences, the Aquapark, the Himalayan Bridge, fun games at the pool area or in the lounge (Hit the target, penalty game) are all possible while respecting the social distancing and all the other health and safety measures.


In order to further ensure the safety of our guests we’ve had to put on hold some of the group games and parties for the meantime.


What does MSC Grandiosa offer in terms of entertainment for families in these times?


Regarding families, despite the difficult situation, there is a wide choice of activities both indoors in the dedicated areas and outdoors, mainly much-loved family activities such as Doremix, Fire&Ice, the Drone Academy, Cabin 12006, the MSC Dance Crew while respecting the protocol adopted by MSC.


What is, in your opinion, the real highlight for guests onboard MSC Grandiosa this winter?


In my opinion, to be safely departed even if with a limited number of guests and guaranteeing all the services on board in this complicated moment, This is one of the biggest bets ever won by MSC and I could define this as the real highlight of an unforgettable experience!