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Why try a mini-cruise?

New to cruising and want to ‘try before you buy’? No time for a full week’s holiday but desperate for a break? Here at MSC we’ve got the cruise for you!

Mini Cruises, from one to five nights on board, have been a part of MSC’s itinerary offering forever, and they’re proving ever more popular! There are so many reasons why a short break might be just what you needed, and there’s so many destinations to choose from, you really are spoiled for choice.

So many destinations, in so little time!

Leaving from Southampton starting in May 2021, MSC Magnifica will of course be doing 7- and 14- night cruises, but she’ll also be heading to northern France for a 3-night mini break with calls at Cherbourg (France) and Zeebrugge (Belgium). What could be easier than visiting different cities without ever having to change your hotel room?

There’s plenty of itineraries in the Mediterranean too. Head from Marseille to Barcelona and Genoa for a 3-night for a long weekend away in these incredible coastal cities and choose from the array of shore excursions on offer to discover even more!

Fancy some fun in the sun? From Florida you can choose from short cruises leaving from our two departure ports; Miami and Port Canaveral. 3-night cruises take you from both ports to Nassau in the Bahamas and Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve. Ocean Cay has been designed to immerse guests in the natural beauty of their surroundings in the Bahamas. This unique private island lets you connect with nature and immerse yourselves in an ecologically-intelligent atmosphere. The perfect way to enrich your stay in the sunshine state!

Did you know that there are also cruises available to take you from one destination to another without having to return to the embarkation port? Why fly when you can discover places along the way, and all from the comfort of your cabin. One such cruise can be taken from Venice to Athens, taking in the sights of Brindisi in Southern Italy and the incredible island of Mykonos along the way-certainly better than a dull flight!

A safe way to travel

Here at MSC we’ve taken the advice of external health professionals in the development of our new stringent health and safety protocol.

We’re taking the situation so seriously that our first ship to set sale since the fleet was grounded, MSC Grandiosa has been assigned the notation of ‘Biosafe’ ship, certifying that the ship is equipped with systems, components and has a layout and operational procedures that reduce infection risk. Find out more about the notation here