April 2022


What’s chocolate? It’s not just any food, it’s a temptation, a caress, a reward. Chocolate’s world is filled with magic. Venchi is one of the most delicious and appreciated features on board our ships: an open chocolate laboratory, spectacular shop windows and a wide range of rich flavors for a unique taste experience. 



Since 1878 Venchi has been a well-known name among all fine chocolate lovers, and not just them. What are the main characteristics of Venchi Chocolate?


"All Venchi chocolate is delicious, healthy and natural, made with the best ingredients and the best intentions, to bring the flavour of the Italian Allegria to the world."



Which Venchi products are available on board? 


"Our Guests can find the entire selection of Venchi chocolates and Gelato onboard our ships. On our newest ship, MSC Seashore, we also have a new irresistible produce: small bites of Gelato, dipped in dark or milk chocolate. It is just an explosion of flavors and textures in your mouth. The Hazelnut gelato dipped in dark chocolate is my favourite!"


The aromas that spread from the open laboratory are irresistible. Which raw materials are used on board and how are they selected? 


"Venchi evokes and celebrates the genuine and convivial nature of one of the quintessential Italian products, adored worldwide. Exquisite, selected raw materials such as the single-origin chocolate (from Ecuador, Venezuela, and Peru), Piedmont Hazelnuts and Green Pistachio from Bronte give their gelato its distinctive flavor profile."



Chocolate is sweeter when you’re cradled by the waves! What are the products our Guests really can’t miss on board? Is there anything particularly surprising that our Guests should absolutely try? 


"Our Guests can find onboard our exclusive home-made chocolates, which are made daily by our Masters Chocolatiers and are available only onboard the MSC ships. They are created combining the best products from Venchi and respecting their heritage, which includes the IGP hazelnut from Piemonte and the best gianduja and cocoa."



Is there any veg or gluten-free product available on board? 


"All our chocolate recipes are based on the “Buono Buonissimo” rule (100% natural ingredients, less sugar, no artificial ingredients), are gluten-free and don’t contain palm oil. All the wrapped chocolate like pick and mix and bar are gluten free! Not to mention, there’s an increasing number of vegan recipes in our signature collections. Chocoviar, Cremini & Gianduiotti are absolutely a must-try! They are made with olive oil, hazelnuts and Cocoa butter naturally contained in the cocoa." 



The Venchi Gelato available on board is simply delicious. Are they made ashore or produced on board? Which flavours are available on our ships and which ones are a “must-go” for our Guests or the most peculiar ones? 


"Our gelato makers produce fresh gelato each and every day on our own premises, in full accordance with Italian tradition, so that’s definitely a must-go for all our gelato passionate Guests. Straightforward and genuine, Venchi gelato is produced solely from selected ingredients such as fresh, high-quality milk, Piedmont Hazelnuts and Green Pistachio from Bronte. For chocolate lovers, I will recommend our Cuor di Cacao dark chocolate – simply delicious." 



We all love crepes. What’s the best filling according to you? Is it possible to eat them with gelato? 


"The recommended filling is course with the Suprema XV, Venchi Chocolate spread made with extra-virgin olive oil and piedmont Hazelnut! You can associate anything with crepes, but a gelato served on a warm fresh-made crepe is really an unforgettable experience. My suggestion is to fill your crepes with pistachio gelato, made from Sicilian pistachios, and fresh strawberries. Last, but not least."



Is it true that chocolate can be good for your health and may enhance passions? 


"The antioxidants in dark chocolate have been shown to lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation to the heart. Plus, it does contain the chemicals phenylethylamine and serotonin, which are thought to be mood boosters and stimulants. So, yes – eating chocolate can be good for your health and mood!"