April 2022



Two fabulous ships on two world tours. The voyage you've always dreamed of is here: an itinerary that crosses continents in search of world-famous places, fascinating cultures and priceless UNESCO World Heritage sites. It's time to experience the World Cruises 2023, two amazing and utterly unique voyages that prove there is no better way to travel. Return to the golden age of transoceanic navigation in the spirit of the great seafarers and explorers, ready for a new surprise at every port of call but with all the comforts and indulgences of the most modern, welcoming, safe and sustainable ships. 


MSC Magnifica begins its World Cruise on 5 January 2023 in Genoa, returning there on 1 May. With its bow always pointing west, the ship will take you on a 117-day voyage taking in 43 destinations on 5 continents. Every step of our journey will be filled with unforgettable emotions as we explore sprawling metropolises and natural paradises. Discover the infectious joy of Rio de Janeiro, a UNESCO World Heritage site, under the watchful gaze of Christ the Redeemer. Immerse yourself in the colourful world of Papeete in French Polynesia, with its memorable hues and scents, and marvel at the spectacular Sydney Opera House. Savour Singapore's magical cocktail of mystical past and fast-paced modernity, and discover the mysteries of Mumbai and India's ancient culture. Finally, sail through the breathtaking Suez Canal and get ready to return to Europe with a lifetime's worth of incredible memories. 


MSC Poesia also sets sail from Genoa on 5 January on its World Cruise 2023. This fantastic 119-day voyage will take you to 52 spectacular destinations before returning to Genoa on 3 May. Cross the Atlantic and be astounded as you join the Pacific Ocean via the stunning Panama Canal, one of the world's greatest feats of marine and naval engineering, resulting in an unforgettable crossing. Make your way to the awe-inspiring Golden Gate Bridge on one of San Francisco's iconic rattling trams, and lose yourself in the fascinating blend of modern and ancient that is the bustling city of Manila in the Philippines. Revel in the traditional dancing and natural beauty of Honolulu, discover Japan's harmonious balance between humans and nature through the scents and colours of Tokyo, Kobe and Kyoto, and explore Jordan's lost city of Petra, a stunning UNESCO World Heritage site. 


Over the next few issues, we'll find out more about all the most beautiful destinations on our World Cruises 2023.