Together, we’ve donated 11 million euros to UNICEF, saving thousands of young lives worldwide

April 2022


We’ve reached a new milestone in our partnership with UNICEF – and it’s all thanks to your generosity. Together, we’ve raised 11 million euros to support UNICEF’s inspiring work, transforming children’s lives worldwide.


Work that includes saving 115,668 children from severe acute malnutrition, motivating 8,000 kids in the vulnerable communities of Brazilian favelas to get back to school, and building 71 bright new modern classrooms in Cote d’Ivoire using bricks made from recycled plastic, benefiting 3,228 young pupils and the environment.


This fundraising is now set to accelerate dramatically. We’ve just relaunched our donation match pledge, which doubles the impact of every €/$1 per cruise donation MSC Cruises guests generously make on board.


That’s the power of together, joining hands to make a difference – and with your help, we can continue to make an even bigger difference! Many thanks for your life-changing support past, present and future.


Find out more about the milestones in our 12-year partnership and our life-changing programs and emergency relief initiatives with UNICEF.