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Sail towards the seas of East Asia on a cruise to Japan, South Korea and Taiwan

This summer, get ready to savor Asian charm with a memorable Far East Cruise. From June to September, the luxurious MSC Bellissima will offer five magnificent itineraries, spanning six, eight or nine nights around Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime chance to explore some of most captivating landscapes and cities in the Land of the Rising Sun and beyond. Get ready for an incredible experience and choose between our itineraries that include either a cruise to Japan and South Korea or a Japan and Taiwan cruise.

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Japan Cruises

Experiencing Japan entails immersing in a unique blend of tradition and modernity, with soaring cities and exotic landscapes. All 5 itineraries include extended stays in port up to 12 hours that allow guests to envelop in the great beauty of the Land of the Rising Sun and explore its majestic mountains, imperial palaces and sacred temples. From Beppu’s hot springs, the volcanic landscapes of Kagoshima, to the heights of Mount Rokko, every port of our five fantastic voyages is brimming with breathtaking scenery and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


Cruises to Japan and South Korea

Choose between four different itineraries and set sail on a voyage of discovery of Japan and South Korea.

Japan and South Korea Cruises in June and September

In June and September MSC Bellissima will take you on two journeys of 8 nights in Japan and South Korea. Be enthralled by Japan’s beauty in Yokohama, Kobe, Hiroshima and Kagoshima while your discovery of South Korea will take you to Gangjeong in the island of Jeju. Whether traversing its sparkling beaches, roaming around its ancient towns or climbing its craggy mountains, South Korea is plenty of discoveries.

Japan and South Korea Cruises in June and September

Yokohama, Japan | MSC Cruises

Cruises to Japan and South Korea in July and August

Between July and August, set sail for your 6 nights cruise to Japan and South Korea and visit Yokohama, Fukuoka, Yatsushiro and Gangjeong. If you are looking forward to circumnavigating Japan up to the island of Hokkaido, choose the 9 nights itinerary leaving in August with ports of calls in Yokohama, Kumano, Kagoshima, Busan, Sakaiminato, Kanazawa and Hakodate. While in September, a second 9 nights itinerary will bring you to Yokohama, Kobe, Shimonoseki, Busan and Yatsushiro.

Cruises to Japan and South Korea in July and August

Fukuoka, Japan | MSC Cruises

Cruises to Japan and Taiwan

Don't miss the chance to visit Japan and Taiwan on a single cruise. Choose MSC Bellissima’s 6 nights itinerary in July and visit Naha in the Japanese island of Okinawa and Keelung in Taiwan. With its fascinating heritage, natural beauty and diverse culture, Taiwan offers just as much range for visitors. Absorb over 8,000 years of history in the National Palace Museum, seek spiritual solace at the larger-than-life Longshan Temple, sip the traditional speciality of beef noodle soup, or chance upon geographic beauty like Mount Keelung.

Cruises to Japan and Taiwan

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