Puntarenas Cruise

Puntarenas Cruise
The Pearl of the Pacific Ocean

On a fine sandy peninsula, 8 km long and an average width of 400 meters, Puntarenas, the "Pearl of the Pacific" can be found. During your MSC World Cruise, you will have the opportunity to visit this city, formerly the largest port in the country and now a busy place full of life, characterized by beautiful beaches and lush nature.
One of the best excursions during your holiday in this land will be the Rainforest Skywalk, a combination of suspension bridges and trails through the rain forest to get you acquainted with one of the most complex ecosystems in the world made up of numerous native plant and animal species that can be observed directly in their natural habitat.
Puntarenas is also famous for another treasure: its coffee, known as "Grano de Oro". It is not only among the best and most appreciated across the planet, but it has played a key role in the development of Costa Rica, affecting social institutions, culture and politics in the country. Thanks to your MSC Cruise, you will have the chance to taste exceptional coffee in its land of origin, where its roots can be found in the late 1700s in this fertile land with a cool climate, and which even today is one of the main agricultural exports of the country .
Our cruise ship will also lead you on the discovery of San José, the capital city which is 115 km from Puntarenas. It is a must-see for its natural beauty, museums, historical sites and its characteristic streets markets. On its streets, you will find a cosmopolitan culture but one that is at the same time very close to roots. Surrounded by mountains and full of rivers and streams, San José is the icing on the cake of your vacation with MSC Cruises.

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