MSC & Marevivo for environmental sustainability

Marevivo is an Italian marine conservation association founded in 1985 that works worldwide, supported by a scientific commission, legal commission,
territorial delegations, a diving division and an extensive network of volunteers and members.




Under the guidance of Marevivo colleagues, primary school students on the Aeolian Islands (Lipari, Salina, Vulcano, Stromboli, Panarea, Alicudi and Filicudi), Aegadian Islands (Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo) and island of Maddalena carry out beach reconnaissance and sea-watching activities and “go to school” to learn from their island’s artisans and elders, discovering the secrets hidden in the rocks and flora of the Mediterranean.

Social Responsability, Seagull Dolphins | MSC Cruises

The work of raising awareness continues on board the MSC fleet because it’s easier and more fun to learn what protecting the environment means when you do so through play – especially when you’re on holiday!

Which is why MSC and Marevivo have created a series of educational games and teaching materials to grow a grapevine that unites everyone who voyages with MSC in passion and respect for the sea.
This culminates in a day called “#MyBlueWave Experience", dedicated to the sea on every MSC ship, where the children in our Mini & Junior Club take part in a wide range of activities, including:


  • Blue watching
  • The Hunting Game
  • How big is the sea?
  • The Memory at Sea Game
  • #MyBlueVideo with teens

Social Responsability, My Blue Wave | MSC Cruises